Results of the York meeting yesterday.

Yesterday (10.8.16), three of our Committee members attended a meeting in York with Network Rail, with regards to our plan to clear weeds and rubbish from the platforms at Ashington station. 

The gentleman from Network Rail was exceedingly helpful to us, communicating a wealth of information, and gave us an insight into the safety procedures required and therefore the cost implications for us tackling the work. At present, we are further investigating our plans for this site, and also extending our scope to Bedlington station with regards to planning. 

This is a longer term plan, and following our Committee meeting yesterday evening we have discussed other smaller projects to continue with in the interim. 

We will update you with our smaller projects in the near future. 

Yours, ABTRA 


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  1. As this is STILL a live railway anyone engaged in trackside work will need a Personal Track Safety certificate (PTS) running at around £700 for the AC DCCR that are needed for trackside work, this was quoted to me recently by ARC Academy.

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