New Year, New Targets! Jan 2017

Hello all and Happy New Year (rather belatedly but hope you’re all well)! 

Coming from our last Committee Meeting on the 7th January, I thought it worthy of an update to tell our members and the wider public of our present objectives. 

Firstly however a bit of housekeeping, with much sadness two of our Committee Members, Mr C. Stafford (Founding Member) and Mr B. Cunningham (Committee Member) have stepped down from the Committee due to other commitments. This leaves the Committee presently at three members, Messrs R. Hogg, A. Hogg & C. Freeman, covering all the officer positions. We have moved our meeting venue now regularly to the Aln Valley Railway, who have kindly made a carriage available for our meetings free of charge; however, we are making a modest donation in support of the railway in its own growth. 

To help cover this slight cost, we now happily have a few donations coming into our Bank Account which are slowly building our balance up, and we’ve discussed a few ideas which are progressing nicely.

The Butterwell Branch: 

We have a few ‘irons in the fire’ with the Butterwell Branch, and while it is very early days we are confident to have some useful news to report soon, as we are presently arranging a discussion with the owners to see what is feasible for us to achieve.

Locomotive and Rolling Stock: 

We are presently in discussion with the owner of a NER carriage about how we may be able to support this project, again more on this in future posts. 

Bedlington & Ashington Stations: 

At the moment, due to the high costs of access to site, this project has been placed on a ‘back burner’. We hope to continue talks with Network Rail and also Northumberland County Council as the re-opening of the Blyth and Tyne continues, and also to collaborate with SENRUG. 

Indoor Meetings:

To gain an idea of interest, we have published a post on our Facebook group to ask members and the public about the level of interest in us hosting indoor meetings on weekday evenings or at the weekend. If you are on Facebook, please visit our group and cast your vote! 


Our Secretary is currently investigating the cost of a simple outdoor banner to advertise our group, which hopefully should be seen soon! 


Feeling like we are saving the best til last, we are also in discussions with a range of parties for the option of a railtour on the Blyth and Tyne/Butterwell system, if we find this feasible, we will be sure to create a poll to find out the level of interest! 

For now that’s it, but please keep visiting and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out more! 

Thanks, The Chairman. 


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