Plans for the Butterwell Branch

To delve a little way back in history, 2011 if fact (pre-dating the formation of ABTRA) is this letter to Network Rail from Mr Carmichael, suggesting improvements to the Butterwell Branch nearly 6 years ago. Carmichael Letter to Network Rail

In addition, there is the Tyne and Wear Rail Freight Partner Group (March 2015) Report on Proposals for a Rail-Connected Facility at Harworth Estates’ Butterwell Disposal Point. This document discusses further the intentions behind what Harworth Estates wishes to do with their site.

Tyne and Wear Rail Freight Group
These documents have both informed the ideas behind the Committee of ABTRA and we are fully in support of continuing a railway in the area, with perhaps adding a ‘heritage railway’ aspect to the plans, somewhat along the lines of the GCR(N) where they share a railway with British Gypsum at East Leake. 

About GCR(N) and British Gypsum shared line

Hope this informs readers about our outline plans and hopefully our long term aims at preserving the Ashington, Blyth and Tyne for future use. Meanwhile this project is continuing, we still intend to have involvement with the station buildings at Bedlington, and talks are continuing with this aspect of our Association.

Please don’t forget to to look at our membership form if you’d like to join us! 

Thanks, R, Chairman. 



  1. […] of arriving earlier on the south section is the planned new chord toward Woodhorn Museum (See the past post: Plans for the Butterwell Branch here). In this plan, a train would start at say Hirst station (nearest Ashington Town Centre), run north […]


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