Forging new links: Sir Daniel Gooch and beyond!

Today we again held our Committee Meeting in the York coach at Lionheart Station on the Aln Valley Railway; in it we discussed our ideas, mainly for the Butterwell Branch, as well as the routine administration. 

One idea raised, however, was to expand our remit slightly with regards the local history of the ABT area, particularly the quite intense relationship in the early days between Bedlington and the early railway network. Bedlington is home to the first successful malleable iron rails, invented by Birkinshaw, which was a revolution compared to cast iron, as well as the first locomotives to run in Holland and Italy (De Arend {The Eagle} and Bayard respectively). 

There is also the notable Gooch family, particularly Daniel Gooch but also some of his siblings, went on to great things in the early world of railways. So our Committee, pending further discussion at our next meeting has agreed to develop ideas of how to raise the awareness of Sir Daniel and his siblings’ achievements. 

If you’d like to have a look at the website set-up pre-ABTRA by our Chairman please click here: Gooch 200 website or the Daniel Gooch blog.  

Thanks! RH.


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