Videos of the Butterwell Branch in recent years. 

To help show people the Butterwell Branch in more detail, we are sharing a few Youtube videos from the 39a9l52a’s Channel. 

These videos show a sequence of trains, using the stretch of line from the branch off the East Coast through Butterwell (with the since demolished loading buildings), through to Potland Burn. 

Video 1 – Past Butterwell Junction to Butterwell D. P. this is the approach to Butterwell Disposal Point (D. P.) from the East Coast Mainline. 

Video 2 – From Butterwell D. P. to Linton Level Crossing this video is perhaps the most interesting as it shows our potential ‘Phase 1’ section of line, please see our Survey of the Butterwell Branch 25.02.17 for more info.

Video 3 – Linton Level Crossing to end of the New Moor/Potland Burn line this video shows the final stretch from Linton Level Crossing to the buffer stops near the A1068 road between Ashington and Ellington.

The intention behind the ABTRA plan is to bring this stretch of line into use as a ‘private railway’; which would allow heritage trains such as diesel and steam locomotives to haul vintage carriages along the line, but to also accommodate any freight/passenger use that might return/develop. 

These plans are intial thoughts on the scheme and are subject to being found viable, and agreed to by the landowner. This is idea was inspired by the Great Central Railway – Nottingham, which has many similar features, with a freight user (British Gypsum), and a mainline connection at one end, in many ways similar to the Butterwell Branch. 
We intend to discuss this at our March Committee Meeting to which we have also invited some of the SENRUG Committee to discuss our plans with them.

Hope this has been informative and as always please visit our Website where you can find out more information, and hopefully decide to join us as a member. 

Thank you for visiting! RH.



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