End of March – Update

Hello all, 

I’m sure many of you will think that it’s been a quite month for us, especially after our line walk in late February!

For our Committee however, March has been a busy month, with a joint meeting with SENRUG (www.senrug.org.uk), taking place on Tuesday 21st March. This happening alongside developing our proposed plans for the Butterwell Branch. 

The above meeting, which was referred to in our last blog post, gave our Committee much food for thought. Although we already had an awareness of other proposals; the SENRUG members that we met and have continued to consult have given us a great deal of invaluable information and advice. 

We are presently developing a ‘Joint Vision’ document, which although in early draft stages is beginning to take shape and we hope gives us a firm foundation and will lead to a collaborative approach to SENRUG and the other organisations that have indicated proposals for the site. We would like to thank SENRUG for their support and guidance with our project, and please visit their website for more information about them. 

What we would also like to ask is that if you are interested in, and would like to support us in our activities, please join us as a member, which at present is our main source of funding. Rates are approximately £1 per year for an adult so we offer memberships in both 5 year and 10 year blocks. Please visit our Membership Page on our website to download our membership form! 

Thanks for reading and hopefully more news soon! Yours, The Committee. 


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