Launching the Missing Mile Appeal – 1.7.17

Today (1st July 2017), we are launching our Missing Mile Appeal.

This is building upon our redirected focus onto the Missing Mile (Missing Mile blog post), which is the section we are currently most likely to gain access to as the other sections are allocated presently for future industrial use which we fully support. 

This means however that a more substantial amount of initial works will need to be done as from our line walk on 25th February (Butterwell Branch Survey 25.2.17), the track is somewhat incomplete and will likely need more work upon it before trains can run. 

However, working on this section does help bridge the gap (hence the Missing Mile) between Butterwell and the Ashington, Blyth and Tyne. This link could in the very short term help the future freight use by allowing a through loop, freight entering one end and exiting the other which may improve capacity, and in addition may be useful for charter trains. 

We intend to contact the landowner very soon with a firm proposal for the branch, and how we intend to carry out the works. 

We have also launched a dedicated appeal page on our website (Appeal Page) to give a running total of our appeal progression, which will be updated regularly. 

Today, we are attending the Bedlington Picnic in Attlee Park, Bedlington, Northumberland, starting at 11am and ending at 6pm. Please pop over and see us if you can.

If you’d like to know more in the coming months, please sign up for our email notifications on our blog homepage (one of the boxes to the side) and get our updates straight to your inbox!

Thanks, RH.


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