ABTRA – 1st Anniversary, Chairman’s Report

Today, the 6th July 2017 marks the first anniversary of ABTRA, the Ashington, Blyth and Tyne Railway Association. We formed at a meeting held in the Netherton Social Club, Bedlington, with Mr R. Hogg, Mr A. Hogg, Mr C. Stafford, and Mr C. Freeman to agree upon our first consititution, our First Blog gives more information. 

Since then, we have had several notable events, a Meeting in York with Network RailFirst meeting with Harworth EstatesBringing Sir Daniel into ABTRASurvey of the Butterwell Branch 25.2.17ABTRA & SENRUG Joint VisionABTRA featured in Steam Railway and finally, Launching the Missing Mile Appeal

In this year, we have had two Committee members join by co-option, Mr B. Cunningham and Mr O. Edwards. Sadly both Mr Freeman and Mr Cunningham have since stepped down due to other commitments but we wish to thank them for their service while on the Committee, and as Chairman I would like to thank the rest of the Committee for their service. 

In recent days our Secretary, Mr A. Hogg has met with both Lynemouth Parish Council (invited to speak as representative of ABTRA) and with East Bedlington Parish Council (as a visitor but to give information). This is something we would like to do with other Parish and Town Councils if they wish to find out more about our group. 

In terms of membership we have grown very slowly, but it has taken time to build our presence, recently enhanced by our participation in local events such as the Bedlington Picnic. 

Our next major event is our AGM: ABTRA – 2017 AGM Notice, which is to be held on the 19th July 2017. 

We would like to thank everyone who has liked our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as all those who have visited or followed our blog here; as webmaster (as well as Chairman), it is highly enthusing to see the interest that the Ashington, Blyth and Tyne has with people, and what our small group is working towards!

If you can, please share this post with friends or family who may be interested in our projects, so we can keep up the momentum! 

Thank you, RH.


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