Blyth and Tyne: North of Newsham

At about this time yesterday (29th September 2017), Mr Orwin was drawing to a close the second instalment of his series of talks on the Blyth and Tyne Railway. In attendance was our Chairman who by happy co-incidence also organises the meetings on behalf of the Newcastle Centre of the Stephenson Locomotive Society (NewcastleSLS).

SLS Logo

In his excellent presentation, the focus was as the title suggests northwards of Newsham, covering Bedlington, Morpeth, Cambois, Ashington and Newbiggin among others in the area. A more detailed write up is available on the NewcastleSLS blog:

One proposal by the ABTRA Committee is to perhaps join with the NewcastleSLS in jointly hosting a series of talks about the Blyth and Tyne Railway at an appropriate venue in the local area (South East Northumberland) during the summer of 2018. If you would be interested in this happening, please leave a comment below, or contact us through social media.

In other news, we have an upcoming Committee meeting hopefully on Tuesday 3rd October, alongside some meetings with other organisations in weeks ahead. In our Committee Meeting we hope to discuss our current projects to keep them moving forward, we will post more news after our meetings.

Thanks for visiting, RH.



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