Metal Theft on the Butterwell Branch

Hello to all our readers, we have some sad news regarding the Butterwell Branch.

As you all know from our posts and our public events we have been looking at the Butterwell Branch and investigating creating a possible heritage railway with a possible link to Woodhorn in the future pending discussions with other parties.

These proposals have been looked at by the track owners and they saw no issue with us doing something along this route in the future pending further discussion.

However on Friday (23rd September) while one of our committee members was doing some measuring out and taking photos, it was found that at least 200ft of track (Chairs, Keys, Screws and sleepers) has been stolen since our trackwalk in February, The landowners were informed by the committee member of this theft.

Since then more materials have been stolen, and as of 10.10.17 at least 100ft has been removed since the 23rd September.

Naturally this has meant even more of the track will require replacement if the ABTRA project is to go ahead, and results in increasing costs.

We would like to ask anyone who sees anyone working on the track on the disconnected Butterwell Branch between New Moor Level Crossing and Ashington Junction to inform the police and report it as theft.

Please do not take matters into your own hands and confront anyone, please leave it to the police.

Thanks, The Committee.


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