#Lyne2TyneRail – ABTRA

In preparation for 2018, today is the launch of a new hashtag to group our future tweets together. The purpose of the new hashtag is to highlight our multiple projects to do with the railway between the River Lyne in Northumberland (ending at Lynemouth village) and the River Tyne passing through Newcastle-Upon-Tyne on Tyneside.

We also feel that this encompasses our major project currently in planning on the Butterwell Branch (#ButterwellBranch), which is almost immediately to the south of the River Lyne. This can be seen on the excellent Waggonways website

Our intention is to highlight the history of the local railway network, from Tyneside all the way north to the Butterwell Branch where it joins the east coast mainline. This ranges from highlighting or creating multi-user trails (walkers, bikes, horses etc) on old routes around the area to having a travelling display of the areas interesting railway history available to visit public spaces to broaden interest in the railway.

One thing we took away from a recent meeting with Woodhorn Museum was the history informing the future but not limiting it. For example, the original Blyth and Tyne Railway Company always had an intention to extend northwards from Ashington; firstly to a junction at Longhirst with the east coast mainline (similar plan to SENRUG in 21st century but the original B&T in July 1854), this was then revised to ‘Warkworth Harbour’ now the township of Amble, but this line was never built. Information sourced from the excellent Disused Stations website

A longer term aspiration is to re-introduce passenger operations onto the Butterwell Branch, using heritage stock and we are currently working on feasibility study to see if this can be achieved. Our present thoughts are to have a base to the side of the current route which would allow us a ‘retreat’ in the longer term; this reflecting both the longer term aim of SENRUG who envisage the route of becoming a broader part of Ashington, Blyth and Tyne route, in addition to the shorter term objectives of industrial customers who may wish to use the line in the meantime.

More updates coming soon, thanks for reading, RH. ABTRA #Lyne2TyneRail


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