Lyne to Tyne Rail (#Lyne2TyneRail)

From the River Lyne north of Ashington in Northumberland to the River Tyne, is a fascinating network of lines with a long and interesting history, but also a potentially bright future.

In former years, it was an immensely busy coal carrying railway; with record breaking tonnages being shipped from Blyth by the mid 1960’s. The line also served many other industries such as ship building and breaking, power generation and numerous other small works.

ABTRA was formed to bring this history to the locals who live in the area but might perhaps be unaware of the complex history of the local lines.

As a group we intend covering the broad geographical area between the Rivers Lyne and Tyne, no small feat considering the number of lines in the area!

For the future, the lines connect some of Northumberland’s biggest and growing towns, with rail campaigning by SENRUG and also our own project at Butterwell (see here).

On social media we are trying to group posts under both #abtline and #lyne2tynerail.

Thanks for visiting, RH.


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