ABTRA – Pit Tub Memorials

The ABTRA committee have decided to commit to a new project. This project is the creation of colliery memorials using the old pit tubs at colliery sites or installing new ones where one does not currently sit.

The feature will be the colliery tub sat on track with a wall behind carrying the name of the colliery and its locally known name if it had one.
The features will also have three small flowerbeds to enhance the feature and make it a place for people to reflect on local history and maybe even remember a family member who worked there.

We estimate it will cost in the area of £1000 per feature, we will be applying for money from other organisations but any money you could give would be very welcome.

Please either give at the ABTRA stall at events which will be posted on this page or send a cheque with a cover letter (made payable to Ashington, Blyth and Tyne Railway Association) to:

C.O. Secretary,
Ashington, Blyth and Tyne Railway Association.
14 North Ridge
NE22 6DE


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